Port Lincoln
South Australia
Port Lincoln Aboriginal Community

Port Lincoln is a coastal city located on the south eastern point of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia with a total population of approximately 14,000 people

The number of the Indigenous people residing in Port Lincoln is approximately 1200, a large percentage of the Wangka Wilurrara Regional Indigenous population. The indigenous population of Port Lincoln represents traditional and historical groups, some of which have close family ties to Koonibba and Ceduna. Additionally family groups also represent the indigenous population from Western Australia and other parts of South Australia who have chosen to live in Port Lincoln.

Contact Port Lincoln Aboriginal Community Council Inc. (P.L.A.C.C.)
Postal P.O. Box 800, Port Lincoln.  SA 5606
Location 30 Ravendale Rd, Port Lincoln
Tel 08 8682 6677
Fax 08 8682 6616
Email admin@placc.org.au
The Port Lincoln Aboriginal Community Council Inc. (PLACC) is structured to operate as a Resource Agency, to receive funding as the auspicing agency on behalf of other Aboriginal Organisations, and other community programs. Beside promoting management and financial support, the PLACC liaises and communicates with local, state and federal departments, for them to support and provide programs and services to meet the current and growing needs of the community.
As part of awareness and communications, the PLACC conduct community meetings, to inform the Aboriginal community of all current community programs and how services are delivered, and future development initiatives. The PLACC prioritises this form of awareness presentation to be ongoing as a part of the strategy to hear what the people are saying, to enable the PLACC to proactively plan to put policies and strategies in place, in order to further develop quality programs and services that meets the needs of the community.
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